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Sandi-profileMy name is Sandi Shelton Asker.  I love to sweat, think deep thoughts, clean up and am hoping to change the world one work out class at the Y at a time.  I love to help others think through what they believe.  I love that Jesus was super smart, always right and gave Himself for messed up kids like me.

I used to work with InterVarsity (14 years!) but went on a leave of absence a bit ago to prepare for our third, adopted child, from China.  I continue on a leave though I volunteer at various conferences to teach or do a bit of writing as well.

that's right, Great Wall of China baby!

that’s right, Great Wall of China baby!

I have the privilege of being married to Brian.  He is a faith-filled, strategic leader in our neighborhood, family and church.  He gets to run around supervising the work of InterVarsity in Northern MN and Northwest WI, on 32 campuses.  Sometimes he goes for a run with me or takes a class at the Y, just so he can understand why I’m tired sometimes!


Tobiah, Elam and Calista

We have 3 children.  Calista is 6.5 and in 1st grade.  She is essentially Mary Poppins, singing and dancing her way through life.  She is also a voracious reader, making all of us proud.  Elam is 4.5 and in preschool.  He is charming and extremely fond of making new friends, Turtles and Planes.  Tobiah Xuan Song is 3.5 and quickly learning to adjust to the cold temperatures, Kids Club at the Y, naming all big machinery and loves a PBJ just like his big brother.

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  1. Valerie says:

    Hi Sandi,

    I got your blog from Emmy Lou Lindgren. I go to her church in Fargo. We just brought home our little girl through adoption in September. She just turned 2. We have 3 other kids, 2 biological and 1 adopted. Our adjustment is going good, but it is still an adjustment and it is great to read your blog. I have just read your post about taking care of yourself and it is exactly what i needed to hear. You are a gifted writer and I am encouraged by your ability to be transparent. Thanks for keeping it real!

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