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MPA: Meal Planning Addict

I am in charge of the food around here.  Because I am an overachiever and type A to the hilt, I try to plan meals by recipes and shop only for what we “need.”  I try to shop 1-2 times … Continue reading

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Beans and rice and iguana

It was “kasha” in Russia.  Beans and rice and iguana in Costa Rice.  Ham that one chapter camp week in MN.  Bread and cheese for breakfast in Malta. Depending on the season or location, we can get stuck with one … Continue reading

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Blow Drying Blog

As I was blow drying Calista’s silky hair tonight after bath, I envied her shiny locks.  I have chunky, curly “carpet” hair (says my oldest sister!)  As I tried to keep the dry sections away from the soaking wet parts, … Continue reading

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Hating your family, submitting to a death sentence and avoiding the manure pit … nice huh?  We studied Luke 14 and 15 this week at new staff training this week.  It says in verse 25 that “large crowds were following … Continue reading

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Logs and following Jesus

Sometimes being a girl stinks. I tried to encourage a student at Urbana last week.  She feels held back in leadership because she is a girl.  (A very beautiful, kind and qualified girl for that matter!)  I learned that she … Continue reading

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Tonight Elam sat on the toilet, watching me brush my teeth.  I left, while brushing, to go take care of something and when I came back, he said, “Why do you get to leave?”  We have a rule: no leaving … Continue reading

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Even the Pharisees are doing it…

My kids love to do everything Brian and I do.  Our gifts for Elam this Christmas: a play trumpet and tool set reflect this.  They love to use those mini grocery carts at our neighborhood store.  But we all know … Continue reading

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