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A Year of Change

In lieu of a traditional Christmas letter, the techno-savvy Askers would like to say Merry Christmas via their blog. What a year! I was thinking of all of the changes we’ve experienced in a year: Elam was born 2 weeks … Continue reading

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Since we’ve moved to town, both the football team and men’s hockey team have been ranked #1 in the nation. Welcome to Duluth! The UMD football team is now headed to the Division II Finals! Last Saturday, Brian and a … Continue reading

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Calista Sings

If you spend 5 minutes in the Asker home, you’ll probably hear one of three things this Advent season: 1. Christmas music playing on the radio 2. Elam babbling, saying “uh oh” or the banal “eh eh eh” that seems … Continue reading

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So last night we had some friends over for dinner to mark Elam’s first birthday.  It was a great night, until bedtime.  It was past the kids’ bedtimes and a few of us had tantrums.  I was one of them. … Continue reading

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Elam’s First Birthday

I have sat down 3 times and tried to think of some funny stories, quotes from Calista or a snapshot of a day in the “life of an Asker” and have come up with a great, run-on sentence.  Instead of … Continue reading

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