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The Brother Whisperer

So I just had my blog all set to publish and #)(*$_. Don’t know where it went. Deep breath. This week has been so good that I don’t even get mad when 20 minutes of writing goes kaput. Yes. Victory. … Continue reading

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What’s has changed: Part 2

Brian has had to work a lot of nights lately and the kids are over it. One night last week, Elam was particularly upset and cried, sobbed really. It was bedtime of course and so I carried him up to … Continue reading

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I have a dragon who lives in my throat

This dragon lies in waiting, hibernating until the weather turns. It can wake up and strike out of nowhere like a snake. Or gradually announce itself calmly like an evening rain. However once it has been awakened darned if I … Continue reading

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What has changed Part 1

It was Thanksgiving Sunday 3 years ago when we got a call from our neighbor: Our fish had died. Dora, Calista’s red female beta fish, and Henry, Elam’s blue beta, were belly up. Our neighbors had been faithfully feeding the … Continue reading

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