I have a dragon who lives in my throat

This dragon lies in waiting, hibernating until the weather turns. It can wake up and strike out of nowhere like a snake. Or gradually announce itself calmly like an evening rain.

However once it has been awakened darned if I or anyone knows how to slay it.

The language of the Psalms sometimes shocks me: destroy my enemies, the waters rise up around my neck or even the occasional plea for death itself is disturbing. I’m in a season of Psalms with the Book of Common Prayer that regularly hits on some of these darker prayers of David and others.

Add to that Revelation readings about the cups of wrath that are being poured out, a dragon waiting to eat a baby and rivers turning to blood… It makes me wonder what is up? God what are you trying to say to me?

Enter the reality of my one dragon, the one who lives in my throat. I imagine it to look red, scaly, fearsome but smaller than one might imagine.

But my dragon causes me to pray out to Jesus those same fearsome, bloody and spear-filled prayers. Take this *$-^ out of me!

Tonight is one of those nights. Kids didn’t listen during our Sam’s Club run, at dinner, leaving the Y or in the dark, rainy, wet parking lot tonight while pickups raced around us.

Dang. That dragon raised it’s head and gave out some flames. It smote all those around (the 3 Askers under 7) and sent itself to bed early… Or at least to blog.

I know the Pslamists had real life human enemies. Christians all over the world face real trials, temptations and torture. I am blessed. I have so much goodness that should be able to chain my dragon and any bad attitude that might spring up around here. But some days I just don’t have it. And the walking backwards into other shoppers just does me in! (The boys both have a habit of doing this and I just can’t seem to convince them it’s a BAD idea.)

So Lord, even though You live inside of me and I in You, this dragon just needs to be slapped up by swords bigger than mine. Save me from these beasts, myself sometimes chief beast. Slay those bloodthirsty dragons in me with the Sword that can never be broken.

I don’t know how many times He has already slain this dragon (I’ve lost count) but I hope He and I can do it once and for all one of these days.

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