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So I just had my blog all set to publish and #)(*$_. Don’t know where it went.

Deep breath.

This week has been so good that I don’t even get mad when 20 minutes of writing goes kaput. Yes. Victory. Small but significant.

I am afraid I might go all mushy like a February, uh, May thaw (Duluth people. No thaws until May, this is our life.)

It’s been a blessed week and if I do lose you, I will claim the attitude of the Psalmists who remind us to tell of God’s goodness all the days of our lives.

It is moments like Brian’s prayer time with the boys last night. When he asked what we can thank God for that day, XS said, “Ge-ge” and Elam said “Di-Di”, pointing at one another. Then they hugged and snuggled in Elam’s bed.

Or this morning when their 5:30am wake up time was softened (only a very little bit) when I realized Elam was snuggled in XS’ bed, under the covers.

Or tonight, when we had a re-run of last night’s thanksgiving, except it concluded with XS tucking Elam in and saying “night night!”

Or the other day when XS was trying to tell me something in the car. I just couldn’t get it. Until Elam interpreted and followed it up with the statement, “Mom, I always know what he is saying.”

Or at the aquarium the other day when they were sharing the ship wheel and coming up with a hilarious meteorologist game. It made me wonder if this is how the real ones do it?

The aquarium never gets old for these 2

The aquarium never gets old for these 2

Or when we were reading the Creation story, Elam points at the illustration and asks, “Is that a nebulous?”

Or today when we had a few extra kids around. XS loved helping baby Abby get a toy. He loved playing with Luke, talking and pretending. And Luke understood him!


The 2 boys have definitely bonded, but it leaves Calista out sometimes. We are learning she actually needs extra attention, especially since she is left alone to take care of herself.

So this week we did fancy dinner. The table setting, tablecloth, crystal glasses and candles were fancy. The girls got dressed up. The leftover pizza, steamed veggies and Elam’s SuperMan costume were not so much on the fancy side.


Calista had a rough Friday last week at school. Sunday were talking about re-entry tomorrow. She was anxious about her teacher and if she’d get into trouble again. Suddenly she said, “Mom, our church should make a youtube video of the ‘Let it go’ song and make it about sin and forgiveness. You know like
Let it go, let it go
Christ forgave you to set you free
Let it go, let it go
No more guilt and no more shame.”

Fun, simple moments brought to us by our creative Calista.

At the mid-week point, I just find myself brimming with gratitude, enjoying the break from wanting to pull my hair out every 2 seconds. Oh and XS was dry this morning for the first time since we received him! It just has been so good I can hardly keep track of it all to write it down.

It’s so good even the sludge in the dishwasher I cleaned out did not bother me. Nor did missing the Y today. Nor did the snow showers that made Duluth look like a snow globe. Nor does the fact that no matter how often I clean the bathroom, the 5 of us just MESS it up again.

A grateful heart prepares the way for You my God.

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