Beans and rice and iguana

It was “kasha” in Russia.  Beans and rice and iguana in Costa Rice.  Ham that one chapter camp week in MN.  Bread and cheese for breakfast in Malta.

Depending on the season or location, we can get stuck with one kind of food.  It gets old, no matter how refreshing or interesting (iguana tastes like chicken, just so you know).  We get tired of the same thing day in, day out.  It is why we have 24 pairs of socks.  Hundreds of boxes of cereal in the grocery aisle.  Immeasurable TV stations.  We crave diversity, don’t we?

This blog could go two ways: we are created for diversity (which is true) or we are created for one thing.

Tonight I’m thinking about the latter.  I just finished my homework in Priscilla Shrier’s “one in a million” workbook.  She has been talking about the food the Israelites ate after God rescued them from Egypt.  It did not take long (like days!) for them to start to complain and shockingly, salivate for Egypt its the food.  Instead, God was giving them miraculous food from heaven: manna.

There was just one problem: they got tired of it.  Even though it must have sustained them and been palatable, they were like my in-law’s 5 days after Thanksgiving: they were tired of turkey tetrazzini, turkey sandwiches, turkey soup and turkey casserole.  There are only so many ways to eat leftovers and probably it was the same for manna.

Jesus said He is the Bread of Life.  When we eat from Him, He promises life.

We are created for just one thing, one God to satisfy us.  No matter what else I try to fill the time, calm the ache or give me a lift on a day that is -20 below, it just doesn’t cut it.

God himself is enough.

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