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As I was blow drying Calista’s silky hair tonight after bath, I envied her shiny locks.  I have chunky, curly “carpet” hair (says my oldest sister!)  As I tried to keep the dry sections away from the soaking wet parts, I thought, “Huh, dry stuff doesn’t make wet stuff dry.  Wet stuff makes dry stuff wet.”

I know, I am a genius.  You read it here first.  “Wet stuff makes dry stuff wet.”  Pivotal, eternal information here tonight folks!

This morning at Bible study, the ever-present question – how isolated do we make ourselves as Christians – came up.  You know, are soap operas ok?  Certain movies with profanity/violence/adult themes?  Certain kinds of friends?  You know the conversation.

I was struck by how individualistic we seem to be.  “What do I watch?  What is right for me to do?”  How about if we lived in community, would the questions be easier to answer b/c we’d have 2 brains and 2 spirits to listen to the Spirit?

I was also struck by how little we talked about our impact on those around us.  Instead of the world destroying us, what if we diluted the worldliness a bit?  What if we changed the world?  Maybe alone I cannot do this.  But give me a few dozens ladies who all live life together on a Thursday morning and watch out!  And aren’t we the ones with the Living Water?  We are no longer dry and barren, but we have life and have it to the full!

It seems like we have two options:

1. Get dried out or

2. Saturate yourselves and see what happens.  I’m fairly confident the world could use a good soaking!

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  1. Margaret Kinetz says:

    I was blown away (pun intended) by the analogy of your daughter’s wet hair/dry hair and how it relates to our role as Christians in the world! Let’s pray that we will saturate everyone we come in contact with today with God’s love through His spirit!

    You are doing a great job leading our group. Thank you and have a blessed day.


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