So the sun stood still…

“so the sun stood still and the moon stopped…” – Joshua 10:13

Recently, this story was part of a lesson at my church Bible study.  Joshua and his people had just been duped into making a pact with a neighboring pagan nation.  This was not a good idea.  But when this nation called upon Israel for help in war, they came through.  Let’s not make a bad situation worse!

They sent their best men and marched all night, chapter 10 tells us.  Then they arrived in an unknown land.  God had promised Joshua success, but I’m sure they were still reeling.  After I have been caught doing something awful, I always feel a little low.  Then add being up all night…

Recently, Elam has been waking up super early.  One day it was 3:45am.  Sunday it was 1:15 and (today) Monday, 4:45.  Yikes.  At least I am sitting in my basement with the fireplace on, not marching up hill.  Although getting through this Monday may feel a bit like marching up hill into battle.  We will see.

Well they arrive and it simply says Joshua “said to the LORD, ‘Sun stand still…and you, moon…'”  And they did.

When the odds are stacked against us, when we are weary, when we desperately need something, what is our tendency?  Mine is to go to bed, give up or get frustrated.  Sometimes I’ll pray a “Lord have mercy,” as I roll out of bed to get Elam.  But asking – perhaps it’s not too much of a stretch to even say tell – the sun and moon to stand still?

What could I pray for that would be audacious like Joshua?  I too know that God has the victory and that we win.  Big, hairy, audacious prayers: BHAP.  That’s how I want to start praying.  It’s actually fun!

If you know about our work on campus, you know we need staff.  So Brian and I are asking for 3 staff in the next year, one being a man.  In the last month, two women have shown interest.  We asked last week for a second fridge because of all of our food for students and our Sunday night meetings.  I sent one email asking my Bible study leader if I could ask at church.  She wrote back, “you’re not going to believe this but we just purchased a new fridge and my husband and I were wondering what to do with our old one.” “Actually,” I said, “I do believe it!”  Lastly, we are praying for a certain athletic team at St Scholastica that has a bad reputation on campus.  I met with a coach last week who is a Christian who attends our church.  He shared with me that he regularly prays with another coach – the coach of that same notorious team.

I think we are on to something. As an InterVarsity movement in the Twin Ports, we want to take God at His word, “Ask and you will receive.” We’ll let you know what happens!

Today I’ll settle for staying awake and not flipping out with my kids as I got less than 5 hours of sleep last night.  But after writing and reflecting on Joshua 10:13, I may just ask God for more.



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