What’s good for you

We had lots of babies here this week.  Brian’s 33’rd birthday brought 14 kids.  Then I watched our sweet Noah Bee Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday I had “Lukie,” as my kids call him.

Many of you might know our own Asker kids are not known for their normal sleep pattern.  I always say I’ve never cracked the “sleep code.”  They didn’t really sleep through the night until 2 or so…

So with these babies here this week, I again felt my … ineptness in regards to sleep. These boys did NOT want to take their naps.  It was hard to hear them cry, try to hold them, rock them, sing to them and nothing would work.  After 20-30 minutes, probably exhausted, they fell asleep.

As I held Luke, I heard in my spirit, “this is you.”  So many times, God might be leading me or telling me things for my own good, but I do NOT agree.  I fight.  I cry.  I get bitter.  I have a tantrum.  I’m good at those.

Even Calista not wanting to get a shot this week, I found myself thinking, “This is for her own good.”

Elam threw up most of last night.  Unfortunately, Brian’s family is also visiting.  I don’t know what part of today was “good for me,” but I relaxed and just went with.  Elam and I had lots of snuggle time, movies and napped together on his floor, him holding my hand.

The times I go for the tantrum route, no one is grateful.  Today, Brian and Elam both are grateful I didn’t pitch a fit.  Me too.  Maybe God as well.

Psalm 23 – He makes us lie down.  That’s it.

It’s for our own good.


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