Inside I feel like a poodle

You know that feeling of “is this really happening?”  And waking up every night with the thought “have I thought of everything?”  Or just *crickets* because nothing very noteworthy is actually happening up there…

Waiting to leave in 18 days feels so full of anxiety is feels similar to my whirlwind of getting married.  It went something like this:

1. I found out Brian was interested in me the first week of January.

2. We spent the month “dating”: technically we dated 3 times.  But spent probably 48 hours on the phone.  Not straight:)

3. On the 3rd date, January 31, Brian popped the question.

{Insert note: we had worked together for over 2.5 years with InterVarsity.  We had played racquetball, attended a Twins game together with Brian’s family [true love starts as Twins fans] and run a long race together. We didn’t go from strangers to engaged in 3 weeks!}

4. We got married May 21, 2005.

I had about 7 showers in the midst of that.  Plus marriage counseling (they should have given us engaged couples’ stress counseling!).

I was a ball of anxiety.  There was constantly something to do, a thank you note to write or a shower to drive to.  I remember forgetting details, my mind drifting while working with students and generally feeling like a space cadet.

That’s how I feel this week.  It has been 10 days since we found out we get to board a plane to China.  Even though you can’t see it, I keep forgetting the last letter in the words I type or miss a period or some other detail…

It’s still 18 days away until we leave.  But my suitcase and Xuan Song’s is packed.  I have my kids’ notes and small gifts packed already.  I have lists for the grandparents.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself until we leave!

Thankfully we have a baby shower for a family member, Calista gets to be a flower girl in a wedding and she is finishing her last week of Kindergarten this week.  That should fill the calendar a bit.

Inside I feel like a poodle.  Jumpy.  Spacey.  No offense to you poodles out there.

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