Life is a Playground

go momma go!

go momma go!

While we were in China, we found playgrounds everywhere.  They were filled with various, odd-looking equipment.  The kids on the trip loved to jump on and play.  After a few days, we noticed kids were not using the equipment as much as older folks were.  Eventually our guides informed us that they were for the elderly to stay in shape!  And man were they.  I saw men at least twice my age doing monkey bars and pull ups.  Women also danced and did tai chi.  It inspired me.  Now when the kids and I play at the playgrounds, I try to get a work out too.


Our driveway looks like 3 kids live here. Plus a mom who likes to pretend she can draw.

Daily life is becoming easier.  The kids love to go to the zoo, aquarium and playgrounds.  We stick home a lot less than I imagined, now that we have learned Xuan Song can skip naps and just go to bed early (yay for longer beach days!).

“Bucket head trio” – for those of you who might remember Elam LOVED to put buckets on his head when he was crawling.


You can almost see the bucket

The boys have settled more into friendship and find all sorts of funny things to do.

Today is a normal, grey day.  We are finding ways to imagine ourselves as trains and sick patients while whipping up some banana pudding and not let loose a pterodactyl scream every 5 minutes.  It’s more like a wild cat or a loud NO!  “No” never sounded so good:)  It’s a VAST improvement I’m sure even the neighbors appreciate.

You might think Elam was playing elsewhere.  You'd be wrong.  He is hunched down in the "animal car" at the back of the train.

You might think Elam was playing elsewhere. You’d be wrong. He is hunched down in the “animal car” at the back of the train.

Things XS has learned to say:

“ba ba working” (points downstairs where Brian’s office is)

“uh oh”



“zoo, peacock, owl, kangaroo and eagle” thank you, Lake Superior Zoo

He has also learned to grab our hands and take us to show what he wants.  All this equals less pterodactyl.  Thank You Jesus.


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