The New Normal

This past week has had a few new surprises and we are starting to settle into our new normal.

Calista has had a loose tooth for 2 weeks.  Last week she asked “how are you and daddy going to handle the tooth fairy?”  Well the tooth fairy brought a gift from China:)

Her first one popped right out!

Her first one popped right out!

We started soccer for the big kids.  After the epic battle of 1.5 hours of Calista’s first game, game #2 was conquered in under 40 minutes.  I even got to sit down to watch part of if while the boys snacked.  However, those snacks must have gone right through XS because I spent the second half finding creative places to let him do his business in the school yard:( Sorry, no pics of that.  Let’s just say their garden has some nice fertilizer.

Thank you kindergarten!

Thank you kindergarten!

With some extra activites in our schedule, napping is key.  One day I was struggling to get XS to nap and came out to hear Elam begging for a book.  Calista swooped in and saved the day!

We also took XS to the Y for the first time last week.  He was in the child care for about an hour.  There was a slight altercation with another kid over her snack but overall he did great!

Unfortunately, we also are experiencing the first cold of the summer, for Brian and XS.  We are living in the – “oh no he just sneezed!” Kleenex world.  Snotty and urgent.

We were able to visit my family’s cabin over the weekend, arriving Friday before the crowd. The kids taught him all about the kayaks, swimming raft and the sand pile.

Thank goodness these kid don't need sunscreen!

Thank goodness these kids don’t need sunscreen!

We also took our first hike back in Hartley, the nature preserve directly behind our house.  Two minutes away, XS took a huge digger and scraped his eye.  But we marched on and made it up Rock Nob.  Trying to get a good pic with 5 of us is impossible, so here is a shadow selfie, with 4 of us on the move.




Lastly, the boys seem to be becoming “the Boys.”  Calista will ask, “where are the boys?”  Or we will say, “the boys are tired.”  Before we had Elam, Brian used to always say, “Girls may dream of their wedding day, but boys dream of having their own boy someday.”

Well, honey, now you’ve got double your dreams coming true.  One night I stepped into the boys’ room, wondering what was making all 3 of them giggle so hard.  This is what I found:

Under - where?!

Under – where?!

Life is never quiet around here, but we are finding our new normal.

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