I am a Soccer Mom

Tonight was the clincher: although we have had soccer for Elam and Calista for 3 weeks, tonight was the true test if I could claim the coveted title.  I now boldly proclaim I am a soccer mom.

I started by getting Calista’s jersey out around 9am.  I wasn’t going to be caught at the last minute searching!

Well, 7 hrs later, Elam and I were frantically searching for his.  Dumb.  Finally found it and then, we lost XS.  Seriously I was thinking I’d have to call Brian (who by the way is in Bemidji for 3 days, which is why soccer momming tonight was such a feat I had to blog for the 3rd day in a row…minor details) and tell him to get home right quick because I lost our new son.

I started to almost panic. I walked around the house, through the upstairs and hollered very loudly.  I finally went back into the house and asked Calista if she had seen him…she quietly said, “he’s in my closet.”  I won’t tell you about the next 10 minutes…

At the last minute (10 minutes after I wanted to drive to soccer) Calista informed me her heels hurt from the new school shoes we bought her.  Blisters.  Band-Aids and athletic tape wasn’t cutting it in the cleats.  So we ditched her soccer cleats for her gym shoes.  Which have just become her school shoes.  Guess who’s going shopping for CHEAP gym shoes this weekend?!

Then we finally got into the car, drove about a mile when XS called out “ma-ma buckle.”  I looked back and gasped and almost drove into a tree.  I hadn’t buckled him.  Life goes on but SERIOUSLY!?

Elam had Netbusters at 5:00.  Calista’s game, thank You Jesus, was just 10 minutes down the road, at 5:15.  And thank You, my friends who ate Calista’s hair tie (well their son, but who’s keeping track!?) took care of Elam while I zipped Calista to her game and watched the first half.  And thank you Gan-Lien family for the yummy sandwiches.  🙂

she's #12 and a fierce goalie!

she’s #12 running into the field and a fierce goalie!  this is photography by XS

When it was time to get ge-ge (big brother) Calista had a meltdown.  She did not want me to leave.  Really, one more thing…

boyspostbathLife was pretty ok after that.  Normal bathtime crazy boys who then huddle like turtles under their towels then run around naked until I make them stop running.


Ah, brownies.  Maybe this had something to do with the crazy bath boys?

Ah, brownies. Maybe this had something to do with the crazy bath boys?

He looks 18 in this picture... oh dear.

He looks 18 in this picture… oh dear.

my princess

my princess

Somehow, or maybe because of all of this, I made brownies today.  We indulged after soccer.  Laughed too hard while opening our mouths.  This is what soccer momming did to me today!

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