Some days I just can’t keep up

Some days I just can’t keep up.

It started yesterday around 4:30. AM.

Brian had a 6:00am flight and I guess I was restless. When his alarm went off (*very quietly*) I let it go off for about :30 and then I had to wake him up. Later I asked if he’d heard that alarm. He wasn’t so sure if he’d had gotten up on his own.

Then later that afternoon, we had planned to have 2 families over for a play date. It was a gorgeous day. This, for a mom hosting a play date, is a blessing because it means one thing:
KIDS PLAY OUTSIDE. Leaving the house as is. Meaning less mess to clean up later, when I am single-parenting. Yay.

Also I wasn’t sure how it was going to go considering these families have all girls (there were 8 kids. 6 girls and my 2 boys.) It was a fabulous time and I heard no complaints from anyone.

Then we had to rush to eat and head to church. I had a meeting and could NOT find a babysitter in our circle of people XS knew well. So I packed snacks, the iPad and some prayers and put them in the room next door.

They played for a while, singing as they did. Then I headed over to ask them to clean up before making popcorn and putting on Planes the movie. It was sublime and I managed to stay through the whole 1.5 hrs.

I imagined bedtime was going to be awful considering the late hour and the kids who had just been babysat by the movies and popcorn.

She sacrificed me reading to her because XS asked her to read him one more book before bed.

She sacrificed me reading to her because XS asked her to read him one more book before bed.

Instead it was peaceful and even helpful. Calista read to XS while I cleaned up dinner and then everyone fell asleep before 9:00pm.

I got to watch the rest of the baseball game on the iPad and fell asleep, wondering when the stuff was going to hit the fan…could I keep up with all this goodness.

I woke up around 6:00 to the sounds of the boys giggling. Talking. Giggling. Then I fell back asleep, waking up to them playing trains in the basement. Elam told me later XS woke him up, then crawled into the top bunk where they snuggled and talked before heading downstairs. Blissful.

The day has been beautiful out and the boys and I even got a short hike in before I headed to a friend’s where I left the boys and got to go the Y without kids in tow. Bliss.


I actually accidentally typed “bless.” Yep. I have managed to receive much grace, mercy and BLISSFUL BLESSINGS this week while Brian is away.

Nice enough for snacks on the deck today!

Nice enough for snacks on the deck today!


Not that we haven’t had moments. Elam and I are just getting over one. And everyone is eating so many apples we are frequently refilling the TP, if you get my meaning.

It’s been bad enough to interrupt an afternoon hike, when we had to rush home due to a stomachache. Not before Calista tried to hike reading a book and eating an apple. I know a certain relative who is maybe to be blamed for this bibliophile and mulit-tasker (MY MOTHER!).

Epic Multi-tasker

Epic Multi-tasker

The Bible says there isn’t room in itself for all the things Jesus did while He was alive. There are so many good things that get unrecognized around here that I need to stop and try to catch up on them.

But most days, I just cannot keep up.

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  1. corrinakorthals says:

    Love it! Glad you are being blessed while Brian is away.

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