Girls weekend..with a boy in tow.

This weekend was supposed to be a GIRLS’ weekend. The boys were headed to Brainerd for a missions conference with Brian. Grandparents would help while Brian was working and I would get 1-1 time with our birthday girl.

Unfortunately, the little guy woke up at 5:38 this morning with snot and flushed cheeks and coughs. Plan B was soon in order. 101 temps sealed the deal. Thankfully we knew that before Calista went off to school so she had the day to prepare herself for disappointment.

You know your boy is sick when he just wants to sit in your lap and read books for hours. Or that he asks for his blanket at the table. Or when he doesn’t eat much. All day. Or when he falls asleep at nap time in less than 3 minutes. Or when the thermometer jumps around more than he does.

Instead of taking Calista and her friend to school tonight for a PTA event, her friend ended up taking her. Instead of my dreams of 1-1 chats with Calista after school, she read to herself while I played Candyland. And instead of playing around with elementary kids at the I love to read event, I am (true confession) blogging with XS playing “Angry Birds” and “Toca Monsteres” on the coveted iPad. (Parenting win.)

Can you see that pink cheek?

Can you see that pink cheek?

The irony to all of this is that I have been praying to bond more with this little guy. I’ve been asking others to pray for that. And as I carried him around today, snuggled on the rocking chair and even sat reading books with him, I did.

We knew we could potentially struggle to bond with a toddler. It’s just not like bottle feeding an infant or carrying around a baby. There are so many moments of touch and bonding with little ones who are helpless.

Our son came potty trained, could walk and get dressed. This guy was ready to keep up with the Askers for sure, but the price is we just haven’t bonded in the same way I have already with my other kids.

So instead of painting nails, heading to the store for birthday party shopping and hitting the town with Calista, I am anticipating a weekend of thermometers, ibuprofen and empty tissue boxes. And ho there snotty green boogie man taking over my son’s face! Yikes!

What was I saying?

Oh yes, I can also boast this weekend that I got a “you bet” to one of my prayers.

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