Help: I’m Raising an Introvert

“I never want to go to another birthday party again!”  This was my eldest, precious daughter as we drove home after playing with some of her favorite people in the world.

I had been picking up the signs lately that Calista was overloaded, overwhelmed and needing some comforting.  After 7 days of going to school she suddenly didn’t want to go.  Then she cried the next morning as I dropped her off.  A few days later she complained that school was “boring.”

All these things created opportunities for conversation.  I asked what was up and she told me she just wanted more time with me or that she didn’t get to play with her friends enough.

Then this past weekend, the declaration of banning birthdays brought me to really consider that *gasp* Calista is different than I am.

I titled this "Calista Rocks"

I titled this “Calista Rocks”

She managed to thrive through a Sunday morning of church and Sunday school but declared she would go NO WHERE (not even outside) after church.  Not even if it was 70+ outside and her mother was dying to go hike, bike or walk somewhere.  ANYwhere.  Not even go to a friend’s house for football and pizza.  Not even bribery worked.

Sunday afternoon I spent playing Monopoly in my basement (with the Vikings on in the background).  It was possibly one of the last nice days of fall, but I tried to swallow my own wishes and serve this 7-year old who was obviously spent.

If I could read a book right now it would be “How to Raise an Introvert.”  I checked at the library to no avail so I did what any rational, 39-year old mother does in this day and age: I posted something on Facebook.

Oh the wisdom of my friends (parents or NOT!).  I literally feel like I have to rearrange my brain as I consider our schedule and pace of activity now that it is dawning on me that Calista is just plain different.  The boys seem to thrive with the pace of activity, friends and togetherness we have on a weekly basis.  They wake up asking where their siblings are…

So, bring it friends: tell me how to raise an introvert.  I need to learn!

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