Gosh how many times have I thought or even said out loud (true confessions) “You wreck everything!!”  To my kids.  To my husband.  To myself.

When I walk into the kitchen after hubs makes us homemade waffles while I stay in bed an extra hour, I complain about his mess.

When the kids trample into the entryway mere minutes after I have picked it up and leave their … marks.

When XS decides his light saber needs a bath.  A long, wet, dripping bath.  All over and into the battery compartment.  Of the light saber we just purchased…

Being wrecked is not something many of us sign up for in free.

But I have spent 2 weeks studying John 2 and let me tell you: Jesus wrecks stuff to.  He turned water into wine.  Those water jars once stood clean for ritual washing, but Jesus “tainted” them with party juice.  The Temple courts were once swimming with commercialism, money changing hands and animals being sold, but He brought complete chaos.  He turned the tables over, scattered the money and let the doves fly away while He chased the animals away.


I walked through Hartley Park today instead of napping (it was a very, very hard choice at 20 degrees and cloudy).  The Park looks wrecked.  My header shows a panoramic of what it looks like: dead.  White.  Leafless.  Wrecked.

But then you look closely and there are these amazing ice crystals growing up from frozen mud puddles.  Ice spilling down steep rocks.  Red berries still hanging on.  Ice covering the surface of Hartley Pond, yet the dam flowing as if it were June.

It may be wrecked for a while, but just you wait.  It’s doing just what it’s supposed to be doing.

I am in Week 8 of a sugar-(mostly)free diet.  Other than the stray chocolate chip, I have abstained from refined sugars.  I have eliminated most things from the pantry that include refined sugars including my kids’ favorite GoGurts, major brands of peanut butter, syrup and breads.

Our palates are wrecked: I ate something with a lot of honey in it and it almost was too much for me.  My kids had waffles the other day with homemade blueberry sauce (made with all OJ for flavor) and they asked for seconds.  They didn’t even notice it wasn’t “real” syrup.

I am wrecked: I have tons of cookies in the house (for various reasons) and am not tempted.  The instant headaches that I will sure to have keep me away.  I maybe over think it, but everything that goes in my mouth is calculated and deliberate.

We went out to eat last night and I ordered off the menu, enjoyed every savory bite but was glad Brian was driving home.  My head was swimming and I didn’t sleep well.  Good thing we don’t go out very often or else even date nights would be wrecked.

I am about to find out if Thanksgiving is wrecked too.

I used to think this was just an experiment, something I’d do for 30 days.  Now at day 50 I’m fairly confident this is permanent… Sorry Ben and Jerry, waiting for us in the bottom of the freezer.

So, wreck me, Jesus with this sugar free living.  Wreck me because I guess I like it.



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