We can still be a blessing…

This is part of a series on how to be a blessing in the midst of social distancing. Read the first blog here: https://lifeasan.asker.net/2020/03/18/we-can-still-be-a-blessing/

E: Eating!

Well, this is absolutely one of my favorite things to think, write and talk about: FOOD! Eating! Hospitality even.

This morning I sat through my regular Monday meetings, all on Zoom of course. I ran this morning at a good clip my 6 miles and then raced to a dentist appointment. COVID-19 wouldn’t be complete without a kid having an issue, so infected tooth led us to an 8:00am extraction today! Needless to say, Tobiah is not enjoying food today so much.

We Askers love to eat. When I pick up my usual 5 giant bags of apples at the store, I feel like announcing I did this before the stay at home order.

I on the other hand, was ravenous all morning. I chopped up a ton of vegetables and munched (mute on) for a good hour. I find myself with limited trips to the grocery store, loading up on the produce. I think I am afraid eventually I won’t have enough access to fresh stuff so I am stockpiling it.

Love me some raw peppers

We have been going through an incredible amount of food around here with 3 kids around, active and eating like healthy, normal kids. But wow. It is a job to keep up!

How are you all managing your own cravings? Sitting through Zoom or on line meetings? And how are you helping those around you eat well?

The next letter in BLESS has to do with food, eating, hospitality and doing that in community as a way to bless one another.

The Bible has food at the center of many important events. God gives Adam and Eve “every seed-bearing plant/tree” for their food in the first book of the Bible. God provides a mystery bread called manna for His people in the middle of a desert. Esther requests mercy for her people during a meal with the king. Jesus provides enough food for thousands with a boy’s small lunch. And we are commanded to eat bread, drink from a cup to remember that Jesus gave Himself up for us and provides a way to be in relationship with God.

We have chosen to keep inviting people to take communion during our on line services, so that in Spirit, we can continue to remember Jesus as we eat “together” during worship services.

We are created for community and created to eat together as well. The closest I got was last week, when I cooked up a Chinese feast, I had to “share” it on social media at least.

A family we know has also been stretched with this season, so we delivered pizzas to them. A win for local businesses and for our family to be a blessing.

A family in our church needed some groceries one night, so a fellow church member dropped off what they needed.

We had the Easter Bunny drop by yesterday with a bag of goodies.

Food is one way we can share the fact that God does indeed love everyone. Everyone needs to eat! Food is one way we can bless others.

So the next time you venture out, consider picking up something for someone else. Donate to the food shelf. Make a donation on line! You can also order on line for others and never have to leave your home. Most places are delivering for free in these days so it makes is safe and easy.

Let’s not lose our sense of hospitality in these days!

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