One thing leads to another

I just accomplished two hair cuts.  The only person who cried, more like whimpered, was Elam.  Yep, first real hair cut.  We used a 1″ guard and buzzed that boy clean.  What do you think?  Brian said, “Look, Elam has a forehead!”

Before - he looks worried!


I feel a sense of mourning!  My baby boy is growing up…  But in all the good ways.  He loves books (I just ducked as he threw one at me to read).  He really tries hard to tell us stuff (lots of grunting and his special Elam “eh” noise).  He is learning to walk.  He laughs at the right times in books.  He holds out his hands when it’s time to say “thank you God” at mealtimes and lifts both hands when we say “amen, yea God” at the end.

Oh, I said “haircuts” – that is because Brian got one too.  He didn’t whimper:)

Lots of change here at the Asker house.  We are working on fixing up our bathroom, finally.  We spackled (wordcheck didn’t like that word.  didn’t like “wordcheck” either…) the 25 nail holes.  Then I convinced Brian to rip off the awful glass medicine cabinet that was a wide as our vanity and had super sharp edges.  Then, surprise!  Guess what we found behind it?

Just a hole in the wall

There are some things that just to lead to other things, aren’t there?  You think, let’s paint the bathroom.  But first, we need spackle.  Then we need the tools to apply it.  Then the sandpaper and then your wife says, let’s get rid of the medicine cabinet.  And surprise!  Brian’s got another weekend’s project.  He loves projects.  Really, he does.  He said to me the other day, “Nothing brings more joy to my heart than working on a project with you.”  Must be why we love to work together:)

Or take the hair cuts today.  We cut the hair off, then I said, “We have to take a picture of this so I can blog about it!”  Then we had to get the boys cleaned up.  Then I had to get the vaccuum out, blah blah blah.  Really exciting stuff here today, I know.

We just returned from our National Staff Conference.  The exciting part is that we have sensed some definite changes for us coming this year.  I’ll return to Wheaton to continue my master’s in Evangelism and Leadership after a looooong break.  SOO excited.  Brian is also looking at seminary or grad school.  We feel refreshed as we start a new semester in the Twin Ports.  I start teaching a Sunday School class tomorrow.  And we have purged our house of any non-fair trade chocolate.  (Anyone have any homemade ice cream recipes that I can add my own cocoa and chocolate?)  One thing leads to another… Isn’t that the way the Kingdom is built?

So with fresh hair cuts and “healthier” chocolate, we hope and trust 2011 with be a year of one thing leading to another.

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3 Responses to One thing leads to another

  1. Elam looks so cute with his new haircut!! Good job Sandi 🙂

  2. LeeAnn Asker says:

    He is adorable…I mean Elam! Yes, and you look pretty good too, Brian.

  3. is laughing at the fact that Elam whimpered at his haircut and smiled at his shot!! The boys look great Sandi! I was also humored (but just slightly) at what you found behind your bathroom cabinet…only because we’ve had a similar experience at our house. Projects snowball…wish we lived closer to help!!

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