I have diagnosed myself with an ailment: Chronic Project Fatigue.

Symptoms: irritability, absentee husband, muddy floors, sleepless nights and frequent trips to Menards.


This summer’s projects have included, but not limited to:
1. Painting the downstairs living room, bathroom, bedroom, hallway.
2. Ripping out waterlogged carpet and padding.
3. Scraping up the ugliest, stupidest carpet in history. (for 45 minutes I used the blunt side of the scraper. Other symptoms of CPF include dullness of the brain).
4. Replacing downstairs carpeting.
5. Painting upstairs kitchen, dining, living room, hallways, 2 bedrooms.
6. Ripping off old decking in the front.
7. Landscaping even more than I can mention.
8. Ripping off the sliding door in Elam’s room and replacing it with a new wall and window.

Are you bored yet? Another symptom of CPF is boring one’s friends with the list of all of the said projects and their status.

I have found some relief for CPF. Some cures: homemade guacamole with said absentee husband, vists to Grandparents’ homes where projects are not in abundance and somersaults with one’s children.

If you find yourself with CPF, have hope. With the change in seasons, some projects are either put on hold or you just can’t go outside and see what’s unfinished!

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