Making a Name…

Here at St Scholastica, we are “rebuilding.” This is a good way to say we are small, but watch out! We’ve got a vision. Our chapter president came up with this goal: every incoming freshman will know about IVCF this fall. (And hence, hear about Jesus.)

Day one: we borrowed a local church’s cotton candy machine and handed out fresh cotton candy. It was a hit and the residential life director asked us to come back the next day for the freshmen party.
Day two: The party had inflatables, music and … US! All the games were inflated and the music rocked. Then we started up our machine, flipped on the heat and … blam. The lights went out in the gym. The games deflated. So did the party! Yep. We blew it, so to speak.
Hilarious. The res life director called an electrician. We plugged the machine into another circuit. We started up the machine and made cotton candy in the dark. Love it. Students made their way into the dark gym and we were there to welcome them! (The party must go on!)
Do you think we made a name for ourselves? I hope so. However, I hope we won’t just be the group that put everyone in the dark!
Pray for us as we renew the campus at St Scholastica! One bag of cotton candy at a time…

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