Immanuel: Light in the Darkness

I recently finished two (ok, almost finished the second one… let’s not add lying to my list of sins today… Good grief. I just started blogging and already with the parentheses). Let me try again: I just studied to different Bible studies with friends at church about revival and spiritual freedom. I believe both are possible but I gotta tell ya, it feels like the exception instead of the normal in my realm lately.

What is your issue? I have many but my temper is really rearing its ugly, loud head lately. If I were speaking to you, perhaps you could help me feel better by listing your sins… But what is the deal?! I mean really. Freedom in Christ, life in Christ, access to the resurrection power: I am ON BOARD. But does it always feel like we live that way?

Where is the way out?

There are a few of you I have spoken to lately about such issues. How can we cling to God, be obedient and live a life worthy of the calling… yet know we are going to screw up royally probably before even breathing the ‘amen’ to that?!

I remember saying at some point recently that the good news is for everyone – the lost, the prostitute, the pole dancer, the Republican, the vegan, the lawyer, the teacher, the IVCF staff worker and the disciples of Christ. If not, why did Paul, Peter and John spend SO MUCH time telling us what Christ has done for us?
We need reminding, don’t we? I do. Perhaps that is why I sat down to write today. It’s not for you hurting out there, but for the mom who wants to be less of a yeller and more of a light shining in the darkness. I need reminding: Jesus died for me too. He still forgives me. He is Immanuel: God with me. When I yell, when I’m patient, when Calista has her third tantrum in three hours (that is another story…) or when I sit down for a quiet moment of blogging.

May we remember this this Christmas – it’s not just about The Light shining in the darkness “out there” but also “in here.”

Come Lord Jesus. Come Immanuel.

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