10,000 Reasons

Elam does this thing when he gets dressed: he hitches his pants to fall just at the right place on his waist.  I watched him do this for weeks before it hit me: Brian does the exact same thing.  It cracks me up because I don’t think either of them knew they do it, but every single time, it’s the same move.

I was thinking about this while singing “10,000 reasons” (Bless the Lord) by Matt Redman at church this past weekend.  Sometimes worship seems so silly to me.  I wonder how God is really “blessed” by our singing, standing, sitting and gathering.  Does it really bless Him?


Then I listened to the sermon calling us to go out as “world Christians.”  The speaker said unless we are not concerned and actively engaged in world missions, we are missing the boat.  Again, it seems so silly.  What difference does it make?  There will always be the poor, the women who try to protect their children from abuse and AIDS.  What is the point?

Especially as I lie sick, though warm, well-fed and happily-familied, I wonder what is the point?  Why hasn’t Jesus come back to rescue us all from ourselves and one another?

Bless the Lord.  What can I do today to bless Him in the meantime?

Elam gives me the answer: imitate my Dad.  And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is on the move to do something about all that injustice.  He is reaching out to my friends in need.  He wants to heal those marriages, counsel those small girls with eating addictions and rescue us from our futility.

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