Falling down

Yesterday we took a family hike in Hartley Park.  We are blessed to have it literally in our backyard.  There are millions of deer tracks, ski trails and snow shoe tracks.  There are also tons of dog poo (why can’t they go OFF trail!?), dog pee and deer pellets.
We made our way down the path one at a time, feeling funny because sometimes the snow would hold our weight … and sometimes it didn’t.  Ever seen Monty Python “Funny walks”?  I’m glad I went to the bathroom before we left.  (fill in the blanks y’all).

At one point, Calista was directly behind me.  I kept falling knee-deep, laughing and pulling myself up.  Once I almost fell face first, my boots stuck in the crusted snow bank.  About 30 seconds later, I heard the laugh/whine/cry of my daughter.  “Calista, don’t follow in my footsteps!  You’ll fall just like I did.”

I wrote how cute it is when Elam copies Brian (not 5 minutes ago, Elam found Brian’s Twins’ hat on the floor, put it on Dad’s head and then proceeded to get his baseball cap from his room and placed it on his head).  What’s not so cute is when I see the not great stuff show up in my kids.

When Calista gets frustrated when her boots won’t zip or her hair has snarls, I take full responsibility for her tiny screeches.  When Elam raises his voice back at Calista when they put a puzzle together, that’s me too.  They are like mirrors, aren’t they?

It’s even Biblical, unfortunately.  Exodus 20:5 gives us that warning, our sin visits our children and even grandchildren.  (Sorry Mom, but I think you started the impatience thing!).

The good news is the rest of verse 6, “But I lavish unfailing love for a thousand generations on those who love me and obey my commands.”  I think I’ll try to remember this one next time she tumbles into my pit.



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