Tickled Pink

My good friend asked me last week, “What has happened lately that makes you feel like you just got a new puppy?”  Sort of an odd way to ask what’s made you happy lately, but it put me in the mood to write all sorts of ways the kids have made me smile.

Saturday we went swimming at the Y.  Calista and Elam love to show off what they’ve learned in their lessons.  (Thank You Jesus for the therapy pool!)  Calista was underwater 80% of the time perfecting her somersaults.  Finally she mastered 2 in a row without taking a breath.  Then she taught herself to do a backwards one, then 2.  Or a forward followed by a backwards… Elam learned to jump in alone (with a floatie) and go underwater without freaking out.  He did NOT want to leave after 90 minutes.

Ok enough Mommy-bragging.  I’ll get to the point.

It struck me as I watched them underwater that this is why we teach them how to swim: so they can go underwater.  It isn’t so they can splash on the side, walk on the bottom of the pool or keep their head above water.

It reminds me of what we are learning at Bible study at church in regards to faith.  Caleb and Joshua were 2 out of thousands (millions?) who decided to believe God and go for it, even if it seemed obnoxious and impossible.  If we want to see our faith grow, perhaps we need to take some risks and see what happens?!

Calista loves to go underwater.  She searches for hidden treasures, can swim way faster and plays with her dad who also is never above the water much longer than necessary for a breath.  Imagine what she’ll discover when we go to the ocean!

So what risks might God invite you to take this Easter season?  I’m going to follow my kids’ attitude and go for it.  And I imagine that the joy I get watching my kids learn is similar to how our Dad feels watching us.




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