The Department of Homeland Security

Elam’s hand-me-down bike helmet broken into two pieces yesterday.  The upper plastic covering just popped right off.  You should have seen his face!   It was funny and sad all at once.

I could blog and blog about how “safe” our culture is and how I rage against that machine.  I’ve been known to allow biking on the street without helmets (gasp), put my 5 year old in a seat belt while the extra kid we are watching for the day takes the car seat (double gasp) and most often and ridiculous is how often my kids play alone in the front yard on the driveway (hopefully the neighborhood creepies aren’t reading this…)  And I’ve been known to let them dress unwisely in the cold weather…

We are still waiting for our Asker in China details.  Once s/he arrives, I’m sure the above habits will change – some for the good of the new kid who needs Mom around and also for the social workers who might drop by unannounced!

The funny thing is that we are waiting to hear from the Department of Homeland Security.  That is where the last checks have gone – a second one only after we received a notice that we had neglected another $170 check for … rats, I can’t remember.  It doesn’t matter.  We sent them their check a few weeks back and now, wait some more.

I’ve heard adoption waiting times feel a bit like pregnancy without a due date.  And without the nasty side effects of weight gain, swollen ankles and thank You Jesus, LABOR!  The airplane trip home will suffice for all three of those things, I assume.

Waiting for our Asker in China is akin to waiting for Spring in Duluth.  3-6″ of the white stuff is supposed to be falling tonight, April 4, just in case some of you are reading this later this year… April 4.  Snow.  Sigh.

Just last week, the snow melted off the deck so the kids had a picnic outside.  Notice the adult in the background dressed wisely, my kids not so much.

How we survive the wait

How we survive the wait

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