False Start

Well we did it!  Calista made it through her first day of kindergarten, despite my attempts to send her to middle or high school.





It was a chilly 50 degrees, hence the greeting (unprompted) by Elam in this video.


Calista was a rock star with getting dressed, doing her hair and even eating breakfast at a slightly increased pace from her regular, sloth-impersonating methods.

Elam was very sad about her leaving.  So at breakfast, he slid his chair closer.  I caught them doing “we are the church” with their fingers.  Perhaps Elam needed some ecclesiology lessons to help him navigate his new status as an only child.


Well we hit the road in the stroller, Elam bundled and Calista still smiling.  The bus suddenly passed me and I still had a block to go.  I ran to beat all foot races and Calista catapulted out of the stroller like it was her job.  As she waited for the first 2 elementary students to board, I noticed the sign on the side was for the middle and high school in town.  DUH.  Wrong bus.

False start.  Number 76.  5 yards.  Second down.

Waiting for a bus in 50 degrees is no fun.  Especially when I didn’t wear gloves and was pushing a jogger.

Eventually the real, right bus arrived.  Calista was excited, introduced herself to the bus driver (who still, after 3 attempts, thinks her name is Calissa) and sat her little self down.







You might be asking, where are the normal, professional-grade photos we are used to?  Well, unfortunately the Photographer is out of town.  He was with us the entire time, on speaker phone.  Perhaps it was the false start, the 50 degree weather (did I mention it was cold today?) and the absence of my wing man (ie. Brian) that I almost missed capturing said moments.

They say “it all goes so fast” – the time they are babies until school and then college, weddings, doing their own taxes and hopefully one day remembering to turn off the bathroom lights.  Well, I don’t know about that.  But from my pictures it seems she was flying so fast I couldn’t get her in focus!

The day wasn’t long enough for Calista.  She got off the bus and immediately said she wanted to go back to kindergarten!

It was too long for Elam, by the way.  He was asking at 11 if it was time for Calista to come home:)


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