You know those moments you’re thinking, something is not right and the next thing you know you’re on your butt scooting off the gym floor with a sprained ankle?

I had been bopping around on a bosu (see picture: not me but maybe could be?) working out at the Y.  Been taking the class for a while and although I had my new NB shoes that had every color of the 90’s fluorescent rainbow, I was feeling a bit unsteady.  Maybe I should retie my shoes.  Maybe I should scoot over to the left.  Maybe I’m tired from yesterday…

Then blam.  Down I go.  Grabbed the ankle, scooted off the floor and proceeded to attempt to hold back the tears that make us all feel like babies (ok maybe not you, but me).  Two friends helped me down the elevator and although we were sweaty (thankfully, I had gotten 20 minutes in!) and my armpits were fully visible and smellable, I made it to the first floor.  Ice pack ensued.  Injury report made.

Elam unfortunately saw my departure from the elevator and was upset.  The great Kids Club staff brought him to me and he helped out from that moment until now.  Another Y member ran up the 6 flights of stairs to get my van and brought it to the front door.  Such service! (love the Y.  miss the Y…)

So, 5 days later, I’m forced to lay low.  Brian is doing everything.  I am trying to do nothing.  It is very counter-intuitive.  Do nothing.  Think about that sentence.  Do.  Nothing.  Sure thing.  I’ll work on waking up tomorrow with straight hair.

The good news is I can drive.  I can walk a bit (crutches.  ICK.)  No one died.  The kids are amazing helpers.  We live in leftover-ville and many of those frozen crock pot meals await.

While I do nothing, I find it ironic as I continue in my Daniel study.  We were to memorize this winner: “those who walk in pride He is able to humble.”

God did not sprain my ankle.  But I do experience so much more humility as people open the door for me, Brian heads out to the grocery shopping and I do one-legged squats to use the toilet.  And as I watch my ankle turn some of those fluorescent colors that stare me down on my new shoes.  (New shoes that now sit unused.  Brian reminded me this way they’ll last longer!)

Maybe I’ll blog more while I do nothing.  We did finish a grant application and (hopefully) our last set of papers for the adoption this week.

Any movie suggestions, crochet lessons or book recommendations would be appreciated upon your reading this:)  Meanwhile, I’ll just sit here and work hard on doing nothing.


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