Jesus at Disney World

True confessions of a stay at home mom during a week when Daddy is away:

My favorite time of the day is the end of it.

For many reasons, including the fact that both children are (typically) clean, fed, full (unless you are Elam and eating an apple 4 minutes after he has declared himself full from dinner) and ready for bed.  Or if by some act of God, in bed already without whining.

One main reason I love the end of the day is praying and studying the Bible with Calista.  It is enlightening (and challenging.  What possessed me to start with Genesis?  These people make babies every other chapter and sometimes with people not their spouse and anyway there are some tricky passages to edit for my 6-year old).

Calista and I try to do a 5-step prayer time each night.  We read the Bible and pray in various ways.  Lastly, we watch a video of a worship song.

Tonight we were watching The Revelation Song which shows Jesus movie clips.  It is very moving, if you want to watch here is the link:

At some point, Calista says, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Jesus had been at Disney World?”

disney“Like dressed up, walking around among the princesses?” I ask.

“Yep.  Like a Prince.”


A moment that makes the end of this day very sweet.

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