There is a certain personal trainer at our Y named Anna McGhee.  I have never had a 1-1 session with her, but for over 2 years, I’ve attended her classes.

There are many “Anna McGhee-isms” that run through my head, or out of my or Brian’s mouth, on a regular basis.

“Shoulders down!”

“If you want a strong back, have a strong butt!”

“Are you going to give it 100%?  This hour is only 4% of your day!”

“We were made to squat.”

Well, thanks to Anna McGhee (and working out in general) today we proved some of these to be true:

I was fully able and steady using squatty potties outside of Tiananmen Square. (No pictures, please.)  It was a lot easier without 20 lb weights!


Brian and I hiked 2.65 miles of a section of the Great Wall today.  It was took almost 2 hours, so I get to say I gave 100% for 8% of my day!  You should have seen how sweaty Brian was afterwards.

IMG_0545 IMG_0559

For my friends at the Y, some of these steps were 4 bricks plus 4 layers of mortar thick.  Brian and I felt like it was like using 4 risers!  Uff da.

This picture is me straddling one step.  I never figured out if it was easier going up or going down.

IMG_0491Even though we loved every minute of it, I wouldn’t have kissed my sweaty, fierce hubby after the hike.  This is at the beginning.

For those of you who have done this before, you have mentioned that it feels like an odd second honeymoon.  We have felt that on some level.  It has been awesome to spend time just the two of us in this amazing city and country.


Our last stop today was the Olympic Village from the 2008 summer olympics.  Here I am pretending to be a torch-bearer.  After the workout we had today, we feel like Olympians!

Tomorrow we board a flight to Changsha and settle in one night before meeting Xuan Song on Monday!  Can’t wait, can’t wait.

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