time is literally flying by…

Just a few short months ago, Brian and I boarded a plane that would take us to the Hunan Province and change our lives forever.

headed to Changsha to meet Tobiah!

headed to Changsha to meet Tobiah!

While we were away, I had given Elam the “Planes” game.  Little did I know that $19.99 spent at Target would be the primary way our summer would be spent (and yeh-yeh’s, ba-ba’s and anyone else who plays with the boys).

Around the World on the driveway

Around the World on the driveway


Tobiah normally ends up with Dusty and Elam fights for Ripslinger (if you haven’t seen the movie, it’s worth a $2 rental).  They play off the deck, on the driveway, up and down the hallways, off the stairway to the basement…

ashaniCalista has traced them and made “baby” planes.  At least there is one female plane, Ashani, from India.  She’s sleek and beautiful.

Elam loves these planes.  He loves them to pieces (thank you superglue).  If you ask him what he might like to do alone with his dad on a Sunday afternoon, I guarantee he’ll ask to watch the movie and if that gets a no, then he’ll motion with his hand as if he’s throwing a plane.


firefighterelamNot that my boy isn’t well rounded: we had a Y community picnic Sunday night and they busted out an ATV rescue vehicle and a fire truck.  Of course we tried on the gear.

As I put the helmet on the kids, they wanted me to have a turn.  I couldn’t resist saying in front of Brian (and a fire fighter) “I don’t put out the fires honey, I start them.”

Oh I crack myself up!  The firefighter laughed and said, “you sound like my wife!”

as I put this on, he wanted me to have a turn

as I put this on, he wanted me to have a turn

33% of my children were ecstatic Elam was headed to Miss Pam's today

33% of my children were ecstatic Elam was headed to Miss Pam’s today

Elam also started preschool today with his other passion, Turtles.  He’s never seen a show but man he loves those Turtles!!  He earned this sweatshirt by stopping a bad habit he picked up right around the time we boarded that first plane to China.  XS had quite the tantrum when we got home, without either sibling.  Sad Face.

When I asked Elam how his day went, he said, “There are a lot of ‘lions’ mommy.”  He means “lines.”  “For what?”  “The bathroom, the playground, the snacks…lots of lions.”





At bedtime tonight I mentioned it had been a long day and now it was time for sleep.  “Mom the day was only this long.”


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