Good thing I had a nap…

It’s 8:52pm. I just finished making XS’ bed for the second time today. Thankfully, it’s the bottom bunk. For those of you who enjoy bunk beds, you know what a joy it is to make the beds.

We have had a lot of laundry today. XS woke up soaked after a long night’s sleep, wetting the bed. When I picked him up at the Y today, he was wet. (Thank You Jesus for thick, fuzzy pants that absorb the tinkles!) When he woke up from a long nap today, he was soaked. Even his pillow. Even his socks. He woke up so sad.

Thankfully, I had needed a nap myself. So I took one.

The day started off rough. We had just been on a whirlwind doctor’s visit the day before, leaving the night before that so the last 24 hrs had been hectic. Our big kids were left in very capable, loving hands, but still…

The boys both woke up crabby. Calista barely woke up. We got her off to school in time, but then she didn’t want to leave.

Dad had to leave today for 4 days. She was very sad. Somehow the boys don’t cry when he leaves, maybe b/c they don’t get what it means when he leaves. She gets it. She knows how long 4 days is. She misses time with him when the boys get extra wrestling, Legos and making breakfast together.

We got Brian’s rental car and I made myself go to the Y. 4-5 people asked how I was. Perhaps my puffy eyes and lack of luster emitted a yellow light of caution. Even halfway through class, I admit I cried. The push-ups and renegade rows were just too much for me today.

Even after the class and an attempt at my post-class “run a mile fast” goal thwarted, I didn’t feel much better.

Elam bullied his brother twice in the time it took them to put their shoes on and walk out to the front door of the Y.

There was also a strange deal at noon: I went outside and heard a deer in distress. A neighbor hollered at me “That’s the sound of a deer being attacked by a dog!” He thought it was my dog, but I shouted I didn’t even have one. It was 3-4 minutes of holy terror noise in the woods.

Then I had to go in because XS was making his own holy terror noises. Elam had turned the lights out on him, leaving him in a dark bathroom with the door shut.

Anyhow, by 12:30 I was done. Just plopped Elam with the iPad next to my bed and I crashed for 60:00 thank you very much.

I woke to the irritating sounds of Calliou and realized I should engage Elam a bit.

That’s when the tsunami woke up and needed a shower. 10 minutes before the bus came. Somehow we made it.

Then Calista ramped up and without going into too many more stupid mom stories, I realized how fortunate I was to have taken that nap.


We need it.

Eventually (in the midst of a Calista meltdown over a toy lent by a friend and then her fav new boots, both of which I took away) we went outside to experience quite the afternoon.

The boys ran. Calista complained she didn’t have a sister to play with… Then ran with them.

I think at one point I was yelling about parmesan cheese when I realized how silly I must have sounded to anyone able to hear me through the open slider.

Life really isn’t that bad. I had had a nap for pete’s sake! (are we suppoesd to capitalize Pete there?)

Brian is out of town, but really, he is planning to come back.

Calista had a meltdown but at least there is no snow yet so I could escape outside.

And yes, I did the bedding twice today, but wow, thank God I have a machine to do it while I played outside.

And even though I lose my temper, am not able to be “dad” when the kids want him, I got to enjoy part of the day with these adorable, lovable, mostly happy kids.





everybody on mom's lap!

everybody on mom’s lap!

Oh and Calista taught XS how to pump today on the swings. Woot.


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