Back to normal…

When we get home from a long weekend the first thing I do is organize: put laundry downstairs, replace the toys and books used in the car and empty the trash in the van. I’ve even been known to vacuum out the van within minutes of returning home from a long car trip.

When guests leave, I admit I tidy up almost immediately.

It’s the way I rest, I guess: maintaining order.

So when 15 days pass and nothing has gone according to plans, expectations or any semblance of organization, it feels good to feel good again.

We hit church this morning, on time, for our boys’ dedication. When we moved to Duluth Elam was 9 months old and then one thing led to another and we never did it. Waiting until we could do both boys at once was neat. They did great!

After church we were able to eat birthday cake for Elam. Only 7 days late!



We updated our weekly memory verse from 3-4 weeks ago! And updated the school calendar.

The boys began to play normally again today. Fighting ever so often…enough for me to make energy bites! After sharing some with friends who just came home from adopting son #2 look at how nicely these fit… but how will I ever eat one and mess up that beautiful arrangement?

PB and carob chip energy bites: my secret stash I rarely share with any of the other 4 Askers!

PB and carob chip energy bites: my secret stash I rarely share with any of the other 4 Askers!

Doing stickers together of SHARKS.

And epic stair jumping. We use an old crib mattress instead of investing in those nice trampolines:)

sort of like a strange dwarf with tissue-beard?

sort of like a strange dwarf with tissue-beard?

It gave me a good belly laugh!

We also attempted to go play outside. XS wasn’t into it but I made him get dressed to join the other 3. We walked down the hill to the woods in the back yard. I turned to watch Elam cough with such force that he vomited up that awesome chocolate brownie cake on his red jacket and onto the melting snow.

My first reaction was, well, I didn’t want to play outside in this messy, melting snow anyhow. The second was, thankfully that choco-vomit-spew was thrown upon this messy, melting snow instead of our “used to be white” carpet in the house.

My final reaction was, well, why not do some more laundry?

I vacuumed tonight while Brian went to small group with Calista, cleaned up the kitchen and wasn’t interrupted by a snotty tissue bubble on the floor or on a face. We put away the boys laundry, jumped in slow-mo.

The sermon was about JOY today and I have to have a true confession moment: haven’t had much of that in the midst of our sick weeks. But today, while the boys played chase with me while I ran that Oreck, I was filled with joy.

It feels good to feel good.

Now, please say a prayer that I don’t wake up with strep throat tomorrow or some Mack Truck is hiding around the corner. I just want to enjoy this for a few days:)

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