A day to forget

What did I just say… FIERCE?!?!

I want to seriously stop posting about how things are going bc it seems just when I post about feeling empowered or encouraged a Mack truck sneaks around and knocks me off my blog perch.

I currently live in Crazytown where there is a drugstore and a clinic on every block so you can visit a different one every day. Instead of grass there are dirty tissues. When you stroll through your kitchen, you might think that someone spilled food and then you realize in horror, that is a yellow snot bubble. (Can’t make this stuff up folks.). Instead of kids eating you out of house and home, you’re willing to feed them anything they will ingest: ice cream, popcorn and cookies seem like 3 adequate food groups. Instead of the sounds of peaceful sleeping children, their rooms roar with loud humidifiers, coughing and strange snotty snoring monster sounds.

Recap of our health in case you’ve missed all the lovely details:
Saturday last week Elam was struck by the Monster Bug who cannot be killed. Monday we took him in and he tested positive for strep.

Tuesday XS and I were not super well and we got tested. Negative times two.

Thursday Elam was no better, XS had fevers and C got off the bus freeling cruddy. Brian was just getting home so we picked him up at the rental car place and headed to some good ol’ fashion family fun at the clinic. At my persistence C and XS were tested for strep. And tested positive. Elam also had an ear infection.

Whew. Off to the pharmacy I go. But I got to go ALONE, alleluia!

By Friday morning Calista thankfully was well.

The boys seemed ok too so I escaped Crazytown, hit the library for the kids and went to the Y for my favorite “almost make you puke but kickin’ it before a lazy weekend” class. Imagine my horror when I discovered my favorite personal trainer was out. So I tried to kick my own butt and sweated through the treadmill and some weights. It’s just not the same.

But I was grateful for the exercise. It was impossible at home with two sick boys, my strict nap schedule (for me, not the boys) and trying to get anyone to eat anything and exercise. My hip flexors and knees were aching from inactivity.

I also have been without adult company for most of the week. Running alone wasn’t super awesome but I had carpooled with a friend and she is great at listening to my complaints and handily is a doctor. I owe her. Lots.

Well, said Y friend also helped me escape that night from Crazytown again. After Calista managed to enjoy a birthday party, we headed downtown for the Nutcracker. I had a permagrin throughout the show.

Ballet dancers: now they are fierce. I do have some questions, though:
1. Do they sweat? If I jumped half as much I’d be dropping drops of sweat faster than that fake snow fell.

2. What’s with the men’s … Tights? Leggings? What do they call them? And is there a thong in there? A cup? Not to be gross but that package just really stands out…

3. How do they stay on beat? Ever notice they go with the music but not really?

Well that ended my fun for the weekend… Today it was a new clinic at 9:00am. We swung by the pharmacy for Elam’s second dose of a medication insurance wouldn’t fill completely 2 days ago. Then we waited about 90 minutes, sitting on the floor of Q Care at Cub Foods.

When we got in, I shared my sob story, she told me to head to Urgent Care since she could do nothing for us there…

Found a wonderful friend at Urgent Care to pass some time. Also Grumpy Old Man across the row from me was quite entertaining. Even his nose was grumpy. Walter Mathieu eat your heart out…

Anyhow, 3 hours, a container of almonds, an old piece of dried up Big Red, a dead iPhone and a million Lego towers later, we got in to see a doctor. He upped XS dosage of amoxicillin and declared another 48 hours will help. After 6 days of hearing that about Elam I’m trying to believe him.

Meanwhile, both grandparents are in town. They had planned on a big weekend at the Askers starting with the school program Friday. Cancel that.

Second item on the agenda, celebrate Elam’s birthday. Cancel that since I was at the clinic.

Third: White Christmas on stage at the Duluth Playhouse. Christmas gift to parents, fun for us and treat for kids. Cancel that for XS and me. Free show for 2 sweet, flexible friends.

Fourth: small group dinner out NO KIDS. Cancelled.

Well, we have one more item on the “fun” weekend list, dedicating the boys at church tomorrow. We are going to try it, keeping XS and Elam close and probably leaving ASAP.

You know it’s bad when Elam asks to go to bed at 6:00pm. Or when XS does too and he’s only been awake 2 hours.

The Monster Bug is not going down easy: drugs, cleaning supplies, laundry, OCD hand washing and anti-bad hand gel (that’s anti-BAC…) is not making a dent.

I will say this: the boys have mostly taken turns being a wreck. XS seems to have broken that 101 fever. Elam has perfected the tissue shoved up your nose routine even while eating. And thankfully Calista is now happily playing Life with the grandparents and Brian. Oh and Brian and I are not sick.

I was so looking forward to this weekend and instead all day I found myself wishing for Monday. I rarely love a Monday but today is a day I want to forget. Bring on a Monday!

PS: if only you could hear sweet Elam try to breathe through his nose as he sleeps right now. Record this and use for the next crazy funny sound effect for snoring.

Rant complete.

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