So my water bottle just fell into the toilet

I came back from vacation feeling so euphoric I actually told a few friends that I felt as if I had been smoking weed (I never inhaled…) because I was so chill.  I have never returned from a vacation so relaxed, rested and refreshed.

That lasted about 52 hours.

Then I woke up Wednesday with a different chill.  It was about 25 degrees. I wish I had a picture of the forecast on my phone but suffice to say “frozen fog” and the literally freezing temps did not make me excited about my 8:00am, 6-mile run I was planning to put in.

Calista was pokey for the 3rd morning in a row and despite her list of “morning” jobs, she was reading a book.  Everything felt creaky in my body and I felt crabby.

I told the big kids as I drove them to school that I needed an attitude adjustment.  Bless Calista’s heart, she apologized.  I told her it really wasn’t about her but it was sweet of her to realize she wasn’t helping!

I got home from the drop off and managed to psych myself up enough to get out my green MN Wild hat, bright red and black striped stretchy gloves (minus 2 fingers) and started to strap on my shoes.  I texted my big sister to complain about the weather and said, “It’s 30 degrees this morning.  My shoes are filled with sand.  The irony is not lost on me.” 

I grunted and groaned, told Brian I did NOT want to do this, and got a “have fun!” from him as I shut the door behind me.

It was not a pleasant run.  My legs were freezing cold, pillars of cement and I couldn’t’ feel my toes for over 3 miles.  The wind whipped up my jacket and found the small pockets of flesh exposed.  I felt sluggish and my pace was the “28th fastest.” Super.


Afterwards I texted my sister again, “Did run on sand today!  All the icky, snow sand left on the side of the streets.”

5 days ago I was practically sprinting down beaches with little resistance.  No jacket, hat, gloves or leggings slowing me down.  The sun was on my face and my biggest concern was missing a dolphin in the waves or getting a sun burn.

Some days are just like that, aren’t they?

Yesterday, my water bottle really did fall into the toilet:

I was at the Y for the big kids’ gymnastics lessons and I was parched from running and a weight lifting class earlier in the day.  We had walked to the Y and I was ready for a huge gulp or 3.  However, what goes in…

So I was visiting the loo when I tried to figure out a place for my bottle.  I don’t like putting it on the floor and the TP dispenser was tippy.

Back of the toilet it was!  Just as I was about to sit down, KERSPLASH!  I heard a voice say, “That wasn’t your water bottle was it?”

I laughed so hard.  Somehow the woman next to me had noticed me put it there when she was entering the neighboring stall (actually this seems creepy now that I think of it…).  Well we both laughed so hard, Elam came in from outside and asked, “Momma, who is in there with you!?”  I told him about the water bottle and he laughed too.

Sometimes we try so hard to have good days.  Make good decisions.  Be fit.  Train hard.  Eat well.  Then have a freak out yelling spurt with your adoptive kid who canNOT seem to hang up a shirt on a hanger!

Then you put yourself down for a nap, get a hair cut and shop for Easter.

Other days your water bottle falls into the toilet.

Either way, I am trying hard to believe the Spirit lives in this body of mine.  I am trying hard to remember the little things don’t matter.  And I’m trying to remember there is a Big Story I am a part of and this Holy Week can remind me I am saved no matter my attitude.

PS: water bottle may be retired or I’m thinking once through the dishwasher makes it safe?

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