It’s already done

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a House Fairy?

You know, when you woke up and It had emptied the dishwasher already?

Or after dinner, It came through your destroyed kitchen and scrubbed pots and the stovetop and put away leftovers?

Or when your van is TRASHED after months of a Duluth winter, with ground salt (not the yummy kind), Goldfish, apples and those little, tiny black pebbles that get everywhere, It came through and polished the cup holders?

Or, yes Jesus, when your husband is away and you have been sick as a dog full of chocolate, It takes care of your fevery child who wakes up every hour, yelling and yelling some more?

Or when your child who has been up all night decides 5:50 is the last wake up time and your other kid wakes up at 6:05 It takes over breakfast making and replies “sure!” when the 6:05 kid whines, “who can I play with?!”

Or when you realize the hourly wake-r is wheezing and you really wanted to hit the Y to get the cramps out of your legs from vomiting, sitting on the toilet and trying to rest… It takes over and does the doctor visit?

Or when you have to wait at the Pharmacy because the guy is running around like crazy (it is noon) doing  (Really, no one else to help fill prescriptions?  To run the till?)  It could take the children home and give them a much needed nap…

Or when you realize the Pharmacy does not have a nebulizer and the doctor forgot to mention you get to take a trip in the opposite direction from the Pharmacy to pick one up, It takes over and picks up your third child from the bus, is fun and does her nails and hair in cool braids that look like stars and … fairies. (they do hearts, why not stars and fairies?  Let’s go Pinterest!)

Or when you seriously need a nap because you’re not sure you can face the next hour much less the next 20 minutes of driving, It tells you to lie back, tilt the seat, put in ear plus and imagine Tahiti…

Or when you have no good ideas for meals and you have to run 9 miles tomorrow, It suddently becomes a Personal Chef, packing you full of the right balance of carbs, protein and easy to digest veggies.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

I don’t have a Fairy.  I don’t even have a husband this week to help.

Calista is super but she just can’t drive yet and that’s a major cramp to this whole process lately… She also cannot stay home alone with the boys yet (I don’t think so…)

Suffice to say this is a week that begged for a blog.  After the 10th Immodium on Tuesday I thought I was homefree until we realized I couldn’t find a document we needed to get a SSN for XS.  Without a number we cannot file our taxes… You figure out how frustrated I am and how frustrated Brian is, sitting in Chicago, wondering where he put said document.

Then the boys started coughing and waking up at night and I thought, really, I need a full night’s rest in order to heal up from The Sick that punched me in the gut, backside and anus the beginning of the week.

Then the wheezing happened today.  We went to the doctor (which is always a time to wish for a Fairy…)

Then the doctor prescribed this.

It was amazing´╗┐.  He even said “cheese” when I took this.  With a 101 temperature and everything…

This also happened today:


Elam ´╗┐decided it was time for XS to learn to zip his own jacket.  The patience these two had was AMAZING.

At some point, a girlfriend who had her own share of vomit and a double ear infection in her infant texted me about what a disaster her house was.

The words of Jesus came to me in a new, fresh, encouraging way today:

Let not your heart be troubled…In My Father’s house there are many mansions.  If it were not so, I would have told you.  I go to prepare a place for you. John 14

First, Jesus is preparing that place.  He is the Fairy I am longing for.  He will take care of the carpets, counters and window smudges (if there are windows with smudges, carpets or kitchens in heaven…)

Secondly, there are many places to live but only one Home.  We all get to be together.  No single parenting, no lonely nights wiping puke from your kids’ face.  No long days without anyone to talk to.  We will all be together.

Lastly, in this wonderful land known as Forever, we read elsewhere there is no more death, no more sickness.

I needed this Good News today in my own way.  Yes there are much more serious troubles out there and you may be walking through them right now.

But His words are still true no matter how deep, hard, dead or done you may think you are.

He left to go prepare a place for you.

And since He’s doing that work, I can go to bed tonight with my big, ol’ dirty stew pot in the sink.  Maybe the Fairy will show up:)

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