Day 4-ish

Well I don’t know how to count this experiment due to my false start Sunday, but here I am, Wednesday night.  Let’s call it day 4 just to be nice.  And ironically, I don’t know if I’ll do a 14-day of this or 30.  I may get addicted to it and just keep going for Lent…

I shopped 4-5 times in less than 24 hours Sunday/Monday.  I made another trip today.  Mostly I have not missed sugar at all, haven’t had any headaches, trauma or withdrawals.  Yet.

I have had this feeling of: this is HARD.  I want a brownie, just to have one.  I am too busy for this.  I am a wacko- I am eating yellow squash with salt for a SNACK.  This is too expensive and THANK YOU JESUS for Google.  I never knew how little I knew about all of the tricky words for sugar.

I haven’t felt particularly different: I am still sleepy (maybe bc Calista had a bad dream at 2:30am the other night and XS is coughing with asthma or something most nights).  I still crashed the other day around 3:00pm.

But what I do feel is this core calm.  Like I am not so jumpy inside.

And I feel like I am eating what makes sense.  I am cooking with things the kids can lick off the spoon and spell.  Guar gum, high fructose corn syrup and sticky juice don’t find their way to our shelves.  I made my own chicken broth.  I eat a banana, orange, apple and pear almost every day before 3:00pm.  I eat a lot of peapods, carrots and cucumbers for snacking.

I have learned: NO BROCCOLI before working out at the Y.  Ick.  The burps were not motivating during squats and planks.

True Confessions: I did remind myself last night not to overeat.  It’s not like I’m not getting “enough.” Seriously.  I live in America.  But it is tempting to think since I’m not eating garbage, I can eat 3 helpings of the delish chicken curry with heavy coconut milk and not look back.  So I tried to slow down today.

I was sitting with my friend Sally the other day, watching our kids play, talking about our kids and school.  And it got quiet for a minute and I felt centered.  Just like there weren’t busy bees running through my brain, up my spine and down to my belly.

I have just consumed plain thick, homemade yogurt with a peach and pecans.  It was yummy.  For dinner I ate a salad with olive oil, apple cider vinegar and salt for dressing.  (after a minor panic wondering if the vinegar had sugar added ! – whew) Almonds are my friend.  Potato chips (goodbye Kettle Chips – sniff).  Yellow squash grilled with olive oil and salt might as well be candy.  Oh and popcorn!  Guacamole!

There is much to eat friends which is sugar free.


Oh and the hubs is on the train.  He keeps saying, “I don’t know what I can eat.”  I think he’s just milking this:)


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2 Responses to Day 4-ish

  1. Isabelle says:

    In case you haven’t discovered yet, Lara bars have no sugar! They are my discovery of the week, in case you are looking for easy/on-the-go energy food.

    • Sandi Asker says:

      Yes I have eaten those before. The Apple Pie is my favorite and the kids too. They sell them at Sams but are so expensive! Ithink I would rather eat an apple, almonds or banana straight up:)

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