It’s Broken

They say go big or go home.

Tonight we are in Minneapolis with Brian’s family to celebrate 2 birthdays.  I knew the sugar fast would not hold up much this weekend.



My sister in law and I headed to Whole Foods for cake.  My brother in law cannot eat dairy so we were looking for a Vegan dessert option.

She asked the bakers and we chose a Chocolate Chip Vegan Cheesecake.  Wow.  Made from tofu, organic cane sugar and all sorts of good things.


Go big or go home sister.

I am starting to feel affects the Chinese take out food even before dipping into this Tofu Magic Cake.  Who knows how much sugar was in those yummy Kung Pao Chicken and Sweet and Sour Chicken.  Yum.  Yum.

My head felt a little spacey but who knows if that is the virus I feel I have been fighting since Wednesday, the fatigue of a 7-year old waking me at 3:00am most nights this week or simply a cold, windy day half spent riding in the car.  Either way I’m ready for the snooze part of my job.

I wanted to ask if the chocolate was fair trade but that seemed like asking too much.

I wanted to ask if the chocolate was fair trade but that seemed like asking too much.

I waited to get my own piece of Tofu Magic Cake until my 3 kids “finished” theirs.

My 3 partial, broken and chocolate frosting-free pieces were yummy.  Not quite a cheesecake smooth taste, but worth a break from my sugar fast.  It was a good choice.

Now I’m hoping I can go to sleep tonight and get back on track tomorrow.

I had a friend advise to have one meal a week when I can allow sugar.  I am going to try that now that I’m 2 weeks into this experiment.

If I’m up until midnight tonight, I may rethink eating the sugary meal for breakfast instead of dinner.

SIL also took me to CostCo where I found Triscuits in BULK (alleluia) and sugar free, Kirkland brand Peanut Butter in BULK.  Double alleluia.

Now, where is my toothbrush?!

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