“Sweet” tooth

I just finished my noon class at the Y.  We jump around on Bosu’s, work our legs really really hard and I try not to sprain my ankle (did that about 2 years ago to the day).

I sweat a lot at the Y and love the group fitness classes because I always say even just 45 minutes there is better than twice that on my own.

I eat a small meal about an hour before the class so I don’t bonk.  It was once PB toast, yogurt and granola or maybe just a container of flavored (read: SUGARED) yogurt.  Maybe a banana.

Well, enter sugar-free land and I have gone to plain yogurt, fruit and nuts mixed in.  It sticks with me until about 2:00pm when I’m home, munching and trying to fill myself up before an afternoon of kids and piano and errands.

Orange: that satisfies my parched throat and “sweet” tooth.  Apple: that satisfies my hunger after class.  Corn chips: salt craving.  Almonds: fills the belly for sure.

In the old days, I would go for the Ben and Jerry’s probably at this point, banana bread, PB toast or my PB energy bites (resplendent with sugared coconut, honey and sugared PB oh and carbo chips or chocolate chips which too have sugar).

So when I just didn’t know what else to eat, amazingly baby carrots satisfied me.  CARROTS.  WHAT?!

Carrots.  It’s come to this: I am that person who snacks on carrots and LIKES it.

Don’t hate me.

It gives me an out when others offer me a wonderful cookie or when there was a meeting at church today with an AMAZING BRUNCH stinking up, I mean filling the halls with wonderful aromas.  Everything was very tempting, but sugary.  I had to say no.

I am still in waiting for the clearing of my brain, the loss of 2 belt notches or any other obvious shifts in my energy levels.

I still vacuum with reticence, haul my sorry butt up and down to do laundry with sighs and get winded up the parking ramp stairs.

Momma's little helper

Momma’s little helper

But I do still feel good.  Better.  Cleaner, somehow.  Steadier and less crash and high.  I do seem to be able to push through the afternoon with a bit more energy – perhaps it is the grazing method of snacking or because I am eating better.  I even cleaned the basement corners with XS’ help yesterday!

Brian and I also have been putting together a sugar-free crock pot meal Monday nights to help on our very busy Tuesdays.  Last week chicken, butternut squash, coconut milk curry (YUM!) and this week, Mexican Chicken and Rice.

Day 11: status is my sweet tooth has been transformed. I hardly even miss dessert.


Meals I have started to love:
Homemade Hash Browns (by Brian Asker)

Chili without additives

Italian Chicken Pasta Salad

Homemade Waffles with Blueberries and Pears

Mexican Rice and Chicken (black beans, corn, salsa and spices to flavor)

Roasted Cauliflower with Onion and Garlic

Rice Cakes with PB (My new dessert)

Homemade Oatmeal with fruit and walnuts, pecans and plain yogurt

I love Triscuits, baked potatoes, Kale and Spinach blend salad and almonds for snacks.

I use salt, olive oil, sugar free PB, hot peppers (don’t put your contacts in your eyes after chopping!) and drink a LOT more water than I used to.

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